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August 3rd, 2009

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01:49 pm - Primary Voting Guide
Just a reminder that fewer people vote in the primaries. It's almost like ballot stuffing to vote in them, since your vote is less diluted. Also, some elections, esp. judges, are decided in the primary; the main election for them is a formality.

Of course, the problem with primaries is that there's less reliable info out. Hence, I rely heavily on endorsements from groups I trust for my decisions. I've listed the group endorsement in parentheses to help you.

Shelly's Voting Guide for King County
King County: Dow Constantine (Jeff Grubb and The Stranger both endorse)
Court of Appeals Div 1 Dist 1 Judge 3: Anne L. Ellington (per King Co Bar rating "Exceptionally Well Qualtified" vs. Opponent Kelly's "Not Qualified")
Port of Seattle Commissioner, #3: Rob Holland (per WA Conserv Voters)
Port of Seattle Commissioner Position #4: Tom Albro (per WA Conserv Voters & the Stranger. Disagree with Mr. Grubb here.)
City of Kirkland: Matt Gregory (per Muncipal League. While I liked Karen Tennyson, felt she wasn't as viable as a candidate and wanted someone to defeat Amy Walen who is running a fairly big campaign.)

While I can't vote in these elections, here are two I have an opinion on:
Shoreline: Janet Way. I worked with her in the past. Would vote for her if I could.
Seattle: Greg Nickles -- despite the snow debacle he is still overly the most effective. Worked with Michael McGinn and like him personally. He's good at talking people into things, not nearly so good at running an effective organization as he thinks he is.
King Co Dist 9: NOT Reagan Dunn. I've met him, and "Deer in the Headlights" applies here. He gets by on solidly hewing to the Republican planks and avoids Palinesque fire and brimstone statements.

Helpful Endorsement Sites
Jeff Grubb's endorsements are HERE.

Wa Conservation Voters list found HERE

Municipal League ratings HERE.

King County Bar Assoc is HERE.

The Stranger endorsements here.

I rarely bother with The Times endorsements, because they lean too heavily to the right for me. Though the Stranger often leans a bit too left (like mayoral endorsement for Mike McGinn), I still consider them.

I pretty much ignore the Voters Guide, because it's easy to be mislead by a well-written statement masking a candidate that you'd never ever vote for if you really know what (s)he were like.

Non-partisan Offices
Let me state once again that I HATE that candidates no longer declare a party for most of these positions that really are partisan. It becomes a way to hide where you stand and makes it one step tougher to choose candidates for the smaller elections that you don't have much to go on anyway. Jeff Grubb agrees with me.

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Date:August 3rd, 2009 11:34 pm (UTC)
Based on our interaction with Dow Constantine and his disregard for the King County shelter, I would urge a vote Against Dow Constantine :-(.

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